Lay Sod


To lay sod successfully, you must first measure the amount of sod needed for your lawn. Sod can take a couple weeks to deliver, so plan ahead.


Step 1:

Make sure the yard is tilled, adding in a good 2” layer of Agromin’s Agromend. The grade should be about one inch below sprinkler heads, sidewalks and patios.

Keep the soil moist. Water a day or two before installation. Be careful not to over water so the soil becomes muddy. The soil should be firm, but not saturated.

Step 2: 

Before you lay your sod, loosely rake the top soil and then level. This step will ensure that your sod can easily develop its root system.

Step 3:

Use a sidewalk or driveway as a guide for laying the sod in a straight line. Be sure to firmly push the ends of the sod pieces together so you minimize the amount of space between them.

Stagger each row of sod so joints are not all in a row across your lawn.

When using sod rolls, place new pieces tightly against the pieces already in place. Then, you can simply roll the sod outwards. Use an inexpensive carpet knife to cut sod pieces to fit around sprinklers, trees and at end of rows.

Step 4: 

Use a lawn roller over the sod to force grass roots firmly into the soil. A lawn roller can be rented at most rental stores or nurseries. Lawn rolling result sin faster intertwining of your sod into the fresh soil. Walking on the newly laid sod should be avoided until this step is completed.

Step 5:

Water the lawn daily for a week (unless you get significant rain). After the first week, increase the time between waterings so roots are forced to grow downward to seek moist soil. During this time, make sure to water deeply.

You can mow your newly laid sod for the first time approximately three to four weeks after installation. Apply fertilizer throughout the growing season and mow regularly.

Special Note: During hot periods, newly sodded lawns might require more frequent and longer watering schedules.

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