Select a Christmas Tree


Check the delivery date

Most pre-cut Christmas trees were cut several weeks before arriving on the lot. Ask the lot attendant when the trees were cut and delivered. Buy your tree early in the season for the best selection.

“Drop test” for freshness

To test for freshness, lift the tree a couple of inches off the ground and drop it on its trunk. If it’s fresh, green needles should not shed.

Pull on branches

Another easy way to test for freshness is to hold a tree branch and lightly run your hand outwards. Very few needs should come off if the tree is fresh.

Check the tree trunk

Check the trunk for straightness. Securing a tree in a stand can be a challenge if the trunk is crooked. You also want to make sure that limbs can be removed without hurting the tree’s shape.

Inspect the Christmas tree for insects

Check your Christmas tree thoroughly for egg masses, insects and other pests.

Be mindful of where you set up your Christmas tree

Avoid placing your tree near fireplaces, air ducts, radiators and other heat sources. The ideal height for a Christmas tree is at least four feet below the ceiling.

Remember to recycle your Christmas tree after you have enjoyed it. Most cities have tree recycling programs. After the holidays, the trees are collected, chopped and composted. The resulting woodchips and mulch are often then used locally by landscapers and consumers.

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