Replenishing our
planet naturally.

Fertile ground for a sustainable future.

As a pioneer in the sustainable management of biodegradable resources, our mission is to protect and preserve our soil by renewing it naturally, reconnecting people to the soil and rebalancing our fragile ecosystem.

Fertile ground for a sustainable future.

Turning waste into a valuable resource.

Every year Agromin converts almost 500,000 tons of recycled organic material such as leaves, lawn clippings and food waste into rich, fertile soil. In turn, these products foster more growth, creating a healthy environment for our food, plants and trees to thrive – much like Mother Nature herself, only at a more accelerated pace.

This sustainable loop helps protect our natural resources by conserving water, preventing soil depletion, reducing greenhouse gases and decreasing chemical usage.

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Turning waste into a valuable resource.

Thriving with life.

While it may not look like much to the untrained eye, soil contains billions of living organisms that are essential to the health of plants. These naturally occurring organisms convert minerals and organic material into nutrients. When the soil is balanced, it will continue to produce healthy plants, season after season. Unfortunately, most commercial soil products are made using high-temperature processes and chemicals, which kill these delicate organisms, rendering the soil sterile. At Agromin, we keep the biology in the bag, preserving these organisms and cultivating a soil that will ultimately be able to sustain itself.

500 years = 1 inch of topsoil in nature
500 years = 1 inch of topsoil in nature
5,000+ species of bacteria in 1g of soil
5,000+ species of bacteria in 1g of soil
5-10 tons of animal life in 1 acre of soil
5-10 tons of animal life in 1 acre of soil

of living

Nutrient Retention

Soil microbes retain nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium so they don't leach or volatize.

Nutrient Cycling

Bacteria and fungi break down minerals into nutrients for the plants. Unlike chemical fertilizers, these natural organisms can provide these nutrients to the plants at the correct rate.

Structure Building

Living organisms build soil structures so that oxygen, water and nutrients can easily move through the soil and into root systems.

Reduced Water Usage

When the biology of the soil is balanced, water demand is reduced and plant production is increased.

Disease Prevention

Soil microbes protect plant surfaces like leaves and limbs by making sure that foods the plant releases into the soil are used by beneficial organisms rather than harmful ones.

Growth Promotion

Both soil fungi and bacteria promote natural hormones and chemicals, resulting in the growth of larger root systems.

Neutralizing Toxic Compounds

Soil microbes break down toxic compounds such as heavy metals and pesticides, neutralizing toxins that would otherwise harm the plant's health - and our own.

Planting the seeds for a greener planet.

We believe that the more connected you are to your soil, the more likely you are to take care of it. Thanks to Agromin’s extensive outreach programs, we’ve reached thousands of people across Southern California every year through field trips, school gardens, local events and community celebrations.

Planting the seeds for a greener planet.

School and community outreach:

Agromin Field Trips

Field trips to the Agromin composting facilities (grades 2 and up) allow students to see first-hand how leaves, grass clippings and brush are cleaned, chopped and naturally composted. Kids leave with a better understanding of how to use their own green materials recycling container and become enthusiastic advocates for using products made from recycled organic materials.

School Gardens

Every year, Agromin contributes soil products to school gardens across Southern California. Young gardeners get their hands dirty planting fruits, vegetables and flowers and Agromin representatives will take part in classroom discussions about the environmental value of recycling organic materials.

For more information on how your school can participate, please fill out this form


Earth Day Celebrations

Agromin is a proud supporter of many Earth Day and Arbor Day celebrations throughout Southern California. You can usually find us handing out soil to make sure gardens and trees get the right start, giving tips and offering our advice.


Nonprofit Gardens

If your nonprofit organization has a garden in need of soil, Agromin would be happy to help. We currently contribute soil products to many worthy projects throughout Southern California including Habitat for Humanity, TreePeople, Urban Farming and Ventura County Rescue Mission.

For more information on how your organization can participate, please fill out this form.

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