5 Reasons to Refresh Your Soil

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Is your soil hard and compact? Is it cracking and failing to absorb water? If so, it might be time for a refresh. Poor-quality soil can contribute to pest problems, too much or too little water for your garden, insufficient nutrients, and ultimately, unhealthy plants. On the other hand, refreshing your garden regularly with organic soil products offers a variety of benefits.


Water Conservation

When soil is too compact, it can prevent water from percolating through the ground evenly. As a result, some areas may end up with too much water, while other areas don’t get enough. In addition, it is more difficult for roots to grow through compact soil. This makes it harder for plants to take in the right amount of water. You may find that you’re watering frequently, but your plants are still drying out and wilting.
Refreshing hardened soil with new organic soil helps ensure water will be absorbed into the ground evenly and effectively. Your plants will have the moisture they need without needing to be watered as often, helping to conserve water and maintain the health of your garden.

Balanced Nutrients

The right balance of nutrients is essential for healthy plants, and in the case of fruits and vegetables, the balance of nutrients in the soil also affects the nutrients that ultimately end up in our food. As your soil quality declines, the nutrient balance changes, and your plants may end up getting too much of some nutrients and not enough of others. Adding fresh organic soil to your garden helps restore an ideal balance of nutrients that gives new plants a healthy start and keeps older plants strong.

Garden Health

If you closely examine high-quality soil, you’ll notice a variety of living organisms, such as earthworms, insects, bacteria and fungi. Many of these beneficial living organisms help maintain the health of your garden by controlling pests and weeds, while also boosting the fertility of your soil.
People sometimes compensate for poor soil quality by turning to pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can pollute the soil and water. However, simply refreshing your garden with organic soil products often eliminates the need for these harmful products.

Cost Savings

Although regularly refreshing your soil requires an investment upfront, over time it actually helps you save money by reducing the cost of maintaining your garden. The water conservation benefits of fresh, organic soil lower your water bill. And because your plants will stay healthier longer, you won’t have to spend as much on replacements.

Time Savings

When your soil is unhealthy, trying to keep plants alive can be an uphill battle. You will likely find yourself putting a lot of effort into watering, weeding, fertilizing, fighting off pests and other time-consuming tasks. Giving your garden a boost with new, organic soil takes care of much of the work for you. You’ll have healthier plants with fewer hassles.


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