History & Purpose

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Since 1990, Agromin has been producing rich, chemical-free compost and mulch products from organic waste collected from consumers and businesses.
Because of Agromin’s efforts, millions of tons of green waste has been kept out of landfills. Instead, these materials are turned into healthy soil products used in landscaping and agriculture.

Agromin’s recycling processes keep millions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents from entering the atmosphere.

The Agromin Mission

We believe that true sustainability starts with the ground right under our feet. If properly nurtured, our soil has the power to heal the earth and provide us all with the healthy food and vegetation we need to thrive. Inspired by the power of nature and enhanced by modern science, our soil products not only help grow the foods we eat and the beautiful landscapes we enjoy, but they help manage organic waste and protect our precious natural resources. The result is a balance between both ecology and economics to cultivate a planet that is truly sustainable – one container, one community and one city at a time.

What we do

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We develop premium soil products, composts, and mulches from recycled organic materials for all uses including agriculture, landscaping and home gardens.

Our products are carefully enhanced to preserve the natural biological organisms already present and cultivate a symbiotic and sustainable ecosystem of growth. We never add chemicals, sludge or animal waste.

Organic Harvest | Est 2007 by Agromin

Organic Harvest (formerly known as Organic Grow) was created by Agromin in 2007. Initially, the brand offered only 4-quart bags of potting soil, which were sold both domestically and internationally. In 2024, the Organic Harvest product line expanded to include soil amendments, soil blends, barks, and mulches with plans for additional bagged products already underway.

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