AB 1985: New SB 1383 Deadline Allows For Better Procurement and Capacity Planning

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Jurisdictions now have more time to create and implement a plan that complies with an SB 1383 mandate requiring jurisdictions to procure specific amounts of recovered organic waste products or face penalties. A new bill, AB 1985, establishes a phase-in period with full compliance by January 1, 2025. Originally, jurisdictions needed to be in full procurement compliance by the end of 2022.

“The 2022 deadline was unrealistic,” says Bill Camarillo, CEO of Agromin, California’s largest green waste recycler. “The state’s green recyclers don’t yet have the capacity to process the additional 20 to 25 million tons a year of green waste to create the necessary amount of end-product to meet SB 1383 requirements. This extra time gives jurisdictions and green waste recyclers the time to develop systems and supply channels to meet procurement goals.”

Each jurisdiction is assigned annual procurement amounts based on the jurisdiction’s population. Jurisdictions will still need to procure 30 percent of their targeted recovered organic waste product by January 1, 2023, 65 percent by January 1, 2024 and 100 percent by January 1, 2025. Retroactive penalties will be imposed on individual jurisdictions if they fail to make progress toward meeting their procurement goal.

“The state has handed cities, counties and other jurisdictions the huge task of creating and implementing plans that acquire, distribute and track products made from green waste that would otherwise end up in landfills,” says Camarillo. “This green waste accounts for 20 percent of all greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. Although the time and costs associated with implementation are significant, SB 1383 is a positive step toward combating climate change.”

Agromin’s CaliforniaCompost.net helps jurisdictions with SB 1383 compliance in these areas:

  • Assessment of jurisdictional procurement needs
  • Product ordering
  • Real-time tracking of organic waste procurement and usage
  • CalRecycle reporting documents
  • Accounting reconciliation
  • Organic waste capacity planning

For more information about Agromin’s California Compost, go to www.CaliforniaCompost.net. For a free consultation to discuss product procurement requirements, email [email protected] or call 805-850-8797.

About Agromin

Agromin, headquartered in Oxnard, Calif., manufactures earth-friendly soil products for farmers, government entities, landscapers and gardeners. Agromin serves over 200 California communities, making it one of the largest organics recyclers in the state. Each year, Agromin receives more than 1 million tons of organic material and then uses a safe, natural and sustainable process to recycle the material into more than 300 eco-friendly soil products for landscape, agriculture, consumer and energy markets. The results are more vigorous and healthier plants and gardens, and on the conservation side, the opportunity to close the recycling loop, allowing more room in landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Agromin is a U.S. Composting Council Composter of the Year recipient.

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