Agromin Recognized As One Of California’s Top innovative Biofuel Companies

Futurology - Agromin

Futurology Life, a London-based company that follows innovations and breakthroughs in futuristic industries, has named Agromin as one of the 21 most innovative California-based biofuel companies and startups. It singled out Agromin for its manufacturing and supplying of eco-friendly soil, organic materials and biofuel products for farmers, landscapers and gardeners.

Agromin, headquartered in Oxnard, has been producing organic soil products from locally collected green waste for over 30 years. The company has operations throughout California. Its products are used on farms and in public and private landscaping. A few years ago, it began turning some of the green waste it receives into energy through anaerobic digestion and gasification.

“Biofuels is a small but growing part of our business,” says Bill Camarillo, Agromin’s CEO. “Agromin’s goal is to help create a more sustainable planet. All our soil products are designed to combat climate change by conserving water, preventing erosion and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.”

For more about Agromin, go to www.agromin.com.

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