Agromin To Recycle Thousands Of Christmas Trees After The Holidays

Christmas tree

The weeks after Christmas are a busy time for Oxnard-based composter Agromin. It will receive thousands of Christmas trees collected by waste haulers that will then be composted.

Once the holidays are over, tree owners are asked to cut up their trees so limbs and branches fit in their green waste recycling barrel. Waste haulers will collect the trees on regular waste pick-up days and deliver them to Agromin.

After being dropped, any remaining tree decorations are removed by hand. The trees are ground and then composted over 60 to 90 days in long windrows at Agromin’s compost facilities. The resulting mulch and soil amendments are used by growers, landscapers and consumers.

“Christmas trees come full circle. They are grown, enjoyed and then returned to the soil as compost,” says Bill Camarillo, Agromin CEO.

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