Agromin’s Cody Cain–Part of International Biogas Discussion Panel

Biogas-zoom-meeting - Agromin

Agromin’s Cody Cain was recently part of an international panel of biogas market experts. The topic was “Biogas Market: Getting to Net-Zero Amid Energy Crisis.” The panel was a mix of technology providers, consultants, manufacturing and energy traders from key biogas-producing counties. Cody talked about biogas marketing in the US/California. It was an insightful overview of the challenges facing the biogas industry worldwide and more specifically in Brazil, Europe and the US. A common theme is that an adequate supply of feedstock is essential to the success of biogas operations and that continued government initiatives are necessary to encourage biogas installations in the US, UK, France and Brazil.

To view this discussion, go to https://youtu.be/1o7u1B8J5No.

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