Boswell School Gets New Flower Bed Thanks To Eagle Scout Sam Tafoya

Boswell-girls - Agromin

Dorothy Boswell School in Ventura is a welcoming place for students 18 to 22 with moderate to severe disabilities. The school provides services for students who can benefit from education and training that will ensure their greatest quality of life after they complete their public education.

Sam Tafoya just made their school experience even better. For Sam’s Eagle Scout project, he raised $900 for materials and then built raised gardens beds for the school’s Room 3 class. Agromin donated the soil to fill the beds and students did the planting. Besides flowers, students will grow herbs and vegetables to share with the school.

Caring for a garden and enjoying the flowers and vegetables is a wonderfully rewarding and great learning experience—a perfect addition to the school.

Boswell-boy-scout-300x248 - Agromin

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