Carpinteria Council Approves New Waste Collection/Recycling Contract With Agromin Partner E.J. Harrison & Sons

Carpinteria-Harrison-blog-post-photo - Agromin

The Carpinteria City Council voted 4-0 on May 23 to approve a new Solid Waste Handling Services Franchise Agreement with Agromin partner E.J. Harrison & Sons, Inc.

The new 15-year contract, with the option for two 5-year extensions, will take effect July 1. Renegotiation of the existing contract, set to expire Dec. 31, was spurred by state Senate Bill 1383, which requires food waste recycling and other measures to combat climate change.

Jim and Daniel Harrison, Harrison’s marketing director Nan Drake, Harrison Controller Phil Campos and Bill Camarillo, CEO of Agromin, attended the meeting. City Environmental Program Manager Erin Maker gave a report on the contract details.

“The new contract allows the City of Carpinteria the comfort of knowing they will be in compliance with SB 1383,” said Daniel Harrison, Harrison’s contract compliance manager. “The contract negotiations went well because it was the ultimate team effort. We trust each other and have open communication. We are excited to service the City of Carpinteria for the next 25 years.”

E.J. Harrison has served Carpinteria since 1993 and earned praise from the four council members who were present at the May 23 meeting. “It’s great to see you guys again, and thank you for being part of Carpinteria,” said Vice Mayor Al Clark. “We really appreciate your services.”

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