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Home & Garden

Waste Haulers

Cities & Municipalities


Architects and commercial landscapers have enjoyed the benefits of our renewable organic products for over 30 years – custom soil blends, and over 200 organic-based compost, mulch and soil formulations.

We have years of experience helping bring your artistic vision to life:

  • Landscape Architects
  • Landscape Contractors
  • Lawn & Garden Services
  • Residential Contractors
  • Apartment Building Contractors
  • Commercial & Office Building Contractors
  • Hotel & Motel Contractors
  • School Building Contractors

Meeting today’s industry standards.

We help meet the spec-driven demands of today’s Green Building practices, which require the use of recycled materials to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, increase energy efficiency and provide water conservation. Many of our soils, like our Organic Soil Amendments and Organic Cover Mulch, are custom blended to meet or exceed industry specifications, helping landscapers secure new projects.

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Agromin plays an important role in California’s agricultural industry.

The use of renewable organic materials in the growth of our food completes a complex urban-to-agriculture loop, helping growers meet their sustainability commitments while connecting urban citizens with the land that provides the food they eat.

The long-term cost benefits for growers.

Our mulches (a layer of organic material over topsoil) decrease erosion and improve moisture retention, which contribute to lower operational costs.

Agromin’s premium agricultural compost and mulching materials help improve soil fertility without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers. Mulch’s natural decomposition increases the biological activity in the soil. Both compost and mulch improve the soil structure and provides more nutrients to trees and plants without chemical additives.

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Home & Garden

Consumers, Retailers & Wholesalers

More and more consumers are actively seeking out chemical-free solutions for their home gardens. Our organic lawn and garden products are a natural fit. Many of our locations enable the public to order and pick up soil products directly or we’ll deliver. Go to our Contact Page for more information.

Our products are also available at retailers looking to meet this growing demand including:


  • Garden Centers
  • Nurseries
  • Hardware Stores & Home Centers
  • Grocery Stores & Markets
  • Gourmet Food & Health Stores
  • Farm, Garden, Landscaping, & Construction Supply
  • Lumber & Building Materials Stores
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Waste Haulers

A Key Partnership

Perhaps our most strategic partnership is the one we have with California waste haulers. Without them, we would have no way of collecting the organic material we recycle each year. This mutually beneficial partnership gives Agromin a continuous supply of organic waste for composting and allows haulers to dispose of the green waste at a reduced cost thanks to state diversion recycling credits.

If you are interested in a partnership with Agromin, please CONTACT US directly.

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1+ million tons of green material delivered annually to Agromin by waste haulers

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8.9 million lbs of organic material recycled by Agromin since 1990

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30% of California!s solid waste is recyclable wood + organics

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Cities & Municipalities

Working together for a sustainable California

Agromin is the green materials recycler for more than 200 cities and jurisdictions in California. We work together to organize curbside pick-up of organic materials like grass clippings, leaves and tree trimmings. The material is then turned into compost and mulch at one of our facilities and made available for use to customers including municipalities.

Increased regional and state environmental legislation in California has raised the demand for more recycled green materials especially at municipal sites such as schools, medical facilities, civic centers and libraries. Three key California Assembly bills:

AB 939 – Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989
AB 1383 – Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
AB 1594 – Waste Management

Under SB 1383, California jurisdictions are required to reduce the amount of green waste they place in landfills by 75 percent by 2025 (from 2014 levels) and instead, procure recycled organic waste products such as compost and mulch for use in their parks, schools, street medians, agriculture, and other locations. Agromin created California Compost (www.CaliforniaCompost.net) to help jurisdictions comply with the new product procurement laws.

For more information, go to (link) or contact our team directly at 805.485.9200.

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