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California Agriculture

Agromin plays a big role in our state’s thriving agricultural industry. The use of renewable organic materials in the growth of our food completes a complex urban-to-agriculture loop, helping growers meet their sustainability commitments and reconnecting busy, urban citizens with the land that provides for them. Our standard and custom blends enhance the soil to increase production and reduce water usage.

Farmer Products
California Agriculture

The long-term cost benefits for growers.

The advantages of mulching agriculture (adding a layer of organic material over topsoil) include decreased erosion, improved moisture retention and more efficient irrigation which all contribute to lower operational costs for landowners.
Agromin’s premium agricultural mulching materials help improve soil fertility without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers. The natural decomposition of the mulch increases the biological activity in the soil, improves the soil structure and provides more nutrients to the trees without additives. When applied during inclement weather, mulching can also prevent pollution-causing nutrients from reaching the ocean via washes, creeks and runoffs.

Backed by science.

Before introducing organic waste into agriculture, Agromin worked closely with the University of California Cooperation Extension in Ventura along with other exert sources to determine any possible risks. The study concluded that when the green material is sufficiently cured and proper composting processes are followed, there is no risk of disease for agricultural uses.

Our highly-regulated process includes weekly tests for pathogens such as Salmonella, herbicide residue, pesticide residue and Phytophthora virus. We also test for heavy metals (copper, zinc, potassium), calcium and the level of phototoxicity for weed-seed kill. Once the material is qualified as clean, Agromin matches the material to each area for application as determined by soil analysis. The end result is a carefully controlled product with complete accountability of the entire composting process.

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