New Garden Springs from Oxnard Performing Arts Center Fountain

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The 1968 Courtyard fountain at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center may not have water in it anymore but it is representative of water in its new life as a succulent planter. With that new interpretive theme, it contains a large ceramic pot tilted on its side “spilling” out with echeveria succulents in blue tones representing the effect of water. The illusion is further carried out with blue fire glass cascading down a gentle slope to a pool of glass in a gravel streambed.

The planter contains over 9 yards of Agromin’s premium container mix custom blended with 30% pumice that Agromin will provide customers at a nominal fee. The soil blend was called out by Heritage Succulents, which has worked with Agromin before on community-based projects. “It is the perfect medium for drought tolerant planting,” said Gary Blum, owner of Heritage Succulents, “Agromin is a great company to work with.”

The planting also includes an assortment of agaves, echeveria, crassulas and other succulents with contrasting gravels and boulders. The Oxnard Soroptimists were the main sponsor of the project along with other community businesses.


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