Plan Your 2018 Garden in January

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There isn’t a lot to do in the garden during January so use the time to make your 2018 garden plans.

Evaluate Your Landscaping:
Take a look at your landscaping?are there bare spots in the lawn, along borders and in the flower garden? Is your irrigation working properly? Do trees need to be trimmed? Make a list of your “to-dos” between now and spring.

Prune Dormant Fruit Trees and Roses:
Remove dead or disease-fill branches. Prune crossing branches.

Plant California Poppies From Seed:
Spread out the seeds on moist soil in garden bare spots. Gently cover seeds with soil. Keep soil moist until seeds begin to sprout. Regular rain should be enough to enable the poppies to take root. Water if rain is infrequent. Weeds will also sprout around the seeds. Cover area with mulch to prevent weed growth.

Plant California Natives:
January is a good time to plant California natives. Natives that bring vibrant color to a garden include California fuchsia, desert mallow, Bush monkeyflower and humming bird sage.

Keep Lawn Free Of Leaves:
Rake fallen leaves from lawns so grass can soak up winter sun and properly dry from winter rains.

Plant Leafy Green Vegetables:
Plant these in the ground in January: arugula, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, fennel and kale,

Add Bulbs:
Pull your tulip, freesia and iris bulbs out of the refrigerator and plant them when outdoor temperatures take on a winter chill.

Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees & Roses:
Bare root fruit and rose trees are in abundance at nurseries this time of year. They are easy to spot?their roots are exposed (no soil) and their limbs are without leaves and usually trimmed back. Once planted, winter rains will keep them moist until spring arrives and leave begin to appear. Plant early in the month. Note: if January is unseasonably warm, the trees may break their dormancy ahead of schedule.

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Properly Recycle Your Christmas Tree:
Remove tinsel and decorations from your Christmas tree, cut it up and place it in your green recycling barrel. Check with your local waste hauler for specific instructions in your area. Agromin will accept Christmas trees through January 19 at three of its locations. For a list, click here. Those who drop off their trees will receive a free bag of potting soil.

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