Top 5 Spring Gardening Tips

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As of March 20, we officially say goodbye to winter and welcome the warmer spring months. But of course, with the new weather comes new gardening considerations. Want to help your garden thrive this season? Try these simple spring gardening tips.


  • Choose Spring-Friendly Plants

When it comes to spring planting, you have plenty of options. It’s a great time to plant flowers, vegetables, roses, berry bushes and trees. To help your new plants grow healthy and strong, add a soil amendment, such as Agromend or Compost 100, to all planting areas.

  • Be Sure to Trim and Weed

Winter can be rough on plants, and as they struggle, it’s all too easy for weeds to take over. Help revive your plants this spring by getting rid of pesky weeds and trimming off dead and decaying branches and leaves, as these can be harmful to your plants’ health.

  • Tend to Your Lawn and Trees

After the cold of winter, it never hurts to give your trees and grass a little help getting their green back. This spring, try aerating your lawn and applying a top dressing, such as Agromin’s Lawn Top Dressing.

  • Repair Your Hardscaping

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on hardscape elements such as retaining walls, trellises and planter boxes. Stay on top of fixing any broken or damaged items to give your plants the support they need to get the most out of spring.

  • Don’t Forget About Mulch

Mulch, particularly organic mulch, offers a wide variety of benefits for your garden. It helps your soil retain moisture, protects your garden against erosion, boosts soil fertility and helps control weeds. To get ready for spring, apply mulch, such as ES2, to the base of trees and shrubs, open areas, and beds.


No matter what time of year it is, high-quality soil is essential to growing a beautiful, blooming garden — and Agromin is here to help. Made from recycled organic materials, our premium soil products help conserve water, prevent soil depletion, reduce greenhouse gases, and support a healthy balance of living organisms and nutrients that are good for your plants.

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