Top 9 Benefits of Compost

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If you’re not using compost in your garden — you should be. Soil products made from recycled organic material are better for the environment, better for your plants and better for you. Here are just a few of the many benefits of compost.

Keep Organic Waste Out of Landfills

Just like you recycle plastic to help protect the environment, you can also recycle organic waste to benefit the planet. By converting food and yard waste into usable soil, you’ll prevent it from rotting away in a landfill, while supporting plant growth at the same time.


Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Healthy, organic soils trap greater amounts of greenhouse gases, keeping them out of the atmosphere. In addition, breaking organic matter down through the composting process helps prevent the release of methane (a powerful greenhouse gas).


Avoid Chemical Pollution

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers can pollute the soil and water. But using organic soil products often eliminates the need for these harmful products, without compromising plant health and vitality.

Gain Nutrients

Many of the nutrients found in soil are transferred to plants. So when you use nutrient-rich organic soil, you get stronger, livelier plants and tastier fruits and vegetables.

Conserve Water

Organic soils are better at absorbing and storing water, so your plants won’t need to be watered as frequently. Plus, the water you do give your garden will soak in and be used effectively to help your plants thrive, rather than running off or creating puddles.

Decrease Erosion

Because organic soil has an improved structure and better ability to capture water, it slows down erosion. This helps to preserve healthy conditions for plants and prevent rain and wind from sweeping your garden away.


Grow Healthier Plants

Organic soils have an ideal balance of nutrients — as well as a wealth of beneficial organisms — that help prevent plant diseases and encourage growth. Organic soil gives new plants a healthy foundation and keeps older plants thriving.


Save Money

By reducing the amount of water your plants need, organic soil can reduce your water bill. And because your plants are healthier, you won’t have to spend as much on maintaining and/or replacing them.


Prevent Wasted Time

Trying to keep plants alive in unhealthy soil is a time-consuming and often futile undertaking. But organic, living soil does much of the work for you, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful garden with minimal hassles.

While some gardeners choose to compost on their own, there are also a wide variety of organic soil products available for purchase, making it easy and convenient to gain all the benefits compost has to offer.

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