Agromin Adds New Feature To Its to Help Jurisdictions Comply with SB 1383 Procurement and Reporting Requirements

Agromin’s California Compost website ( has added a secure customer portal that enables California jurisdictions to assess, procure and track their recycled organic waste product usage for compliance with California SB 1383. Through a free website procurement calculator, a jurisdiction can determine the quantity of products that must be acquired to meet its SB 1383

Agromin Talks Green Waste and Compost In KCLU-FM Interview

Agromin’s Dave Green was recently interviewed by KCLU reporter Caroline Feraday. In the interview, Dave provides a behind-the-scenes account of how the green waste you place in your green recycling barrel each week is turned into compost. To hear the interview, go to

Compost and Mulch Water-Saving Benefits During Drought

Applying compost and mulch to landscapes can reduce the amount of water needed to maintain grass, plants, flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees according to Agromin, a California-based company that produces organic soil products from locally collected green waste. “Compost and mulch are well known to improve the health of the soil and structure of plants,”

Agromin Appears in BioCycle

An in-depth article about Agromin–its beginnings, growth and how it’s poised to expand services to jurisdictions that must comply with SB 1383 procurement requirements–appeared in the May 10 issue of BioCycle. To help meet the expected SB 1383-created demand for compost, Agromin CEO Bill Camarillo says that the company plans to have three new facilities

Agromin Featured In WasteAdvantage Magazine

Agromin was recently featured in the April issue of WasteAdvantage Magazine. The article talks about how Agromin began, how it’s grown, its current focus and what’s in store for the company in the future. To access the article, click here.

“Environmental Directions” Bill Camarillo Interview–All About Compost

Here’s a quick discussion about the process that turns the green waste you put in your organics recycling barrel into compost. Plus, it provides details about the benefits of composting to our atmosphere, the environment and the soil that grows our food. Check out Bill Camarillo’s talk with Nancy Pearlman on “Environmental Directions,”

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