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Building Carbon Levels for Soil Health

Agromin’s Organic Harvest Ag Mulch is ideal for cooling the root zone, reducing moisture loss, controlling erosion and preventing weed growth. Ag Mulch is perfect for all orchard applications.

Uniform in size ranging from 3” minus particle sizes.

Formerly, Bio Mulch

General Use Instructions:


For a sustainable and cost-effective approach, consider Agricultural Mulch. This type of mulch is made from organic materials, offering weed suppression, moisture retention, and improved soil health. Begin by clearing the area of any weeds or debris. Spread the mulch evenly with a rake, aiming for a depth of 2-4 inches, maximizing weed prevention & water retention. Remember to create a smooth layer but avoid piling mulch directly against plant stems. To maintain effectiveness, replenish the mulch layer annually or as needed.

Jack the Fourth Generation Organic Produce Grower  

Jack is a fourth-generation citrus farmer. Jack’s passion for agriculture has only intensified over the years, leading him to diversify his family’s century-old farm, now cultivating different organic citrus crops.  

Jack incorporated Agromin’s Organic Harvest Ag Mulch as a key element of his operation. Ag Mulch with its ability to cool the root zone, minimize moisture loss, curb erosion, and suppress weed growth, has proven to be a big asset for Jack.  

Besides a healthier crop, Jack noticed a reduction in irrigation needs, a direct result of the mulch’s water-retention properties. This translated into significant savings on water costs. With each passing season, as the mulch composts into the soil and gradually breaks down over time, it replenishes the soil’s nutrient reserves, providing a sustained source of nourishment for Jack’s crops. 

AG Mulch


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