Cover Mulch

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100% Recycled Top Dressing Wood Mulch

Agromin’s Organic Harvest Cover Mulch is ideal for cooling the root zone, reducing moisture loss, controlling erosion and preventing weed growth. It is made from 100% green recycled materials.

Farmers use Cover Mulch around their crops and in their orchards. Public works departments add Cover Mulch to landscapes in their parks, in street medians and on other government property. Cover Mulch is an environmentally sound way to add a finishing touch to any landscape.

Uniform in size ranging from 2” to minus.

Formerly, ES-2 Mulch

General Use Instructions:

Nurture the health and beauty of your landscape with Cover Mulch, our organic solution for flourishing gardens and pathways.

Begin by thoroughly clearing the area of weeds, debris, and any edging stones or borders you plan to replace later. Spread the mulch evenly with a rake, aiming for a 2–4-inch depth to suppress weeds, retain moisture in your beds, and create a comfortable walking surface on paths.

After spreading, use the rake to create a smooth, level layer, but avoid piling mulch directly against plant stems or edging to prevent smothering.

To maintain this attractive and effective application, replenish the mulch layer annually or as needed.

Martha the Head of a Local Non-Profit Community Garden

Martha is the leader of a non-profit community garden. She’s always looking to improve the garden’s health and output. Hot summers are a big problem because the heat affects root zones of in-ground plantings and raised bed gardens.  

Martha decided to incorporate Agromin’s Organic Harvest Cover Mulch in the garden’s landscaping strategy. She liked that it is environmentally friendly and can keep planting areas cool while reducing moisture loss, controlling erosion and preventing weed growth.  

With the help of her team of 25 volunteers, Martha spread Cover Mulch evenly around the garden. As the summer heat intensified, Martha saw that the Cover Mulch effectively cooled the root zone, reducing stress on the plants and conserving moisture. Weed growth was significantly inhibited, and soil erosion was minimized.  

The community garden members are thrilled. They notice a marked improvement in the health and vigor of the plants, leading to increased harvests.

Cover Mulch


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