Amended Topsoil

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A Versatile Blend Great for Vegetables & Flowers

Agromin’s Organic Harvest Amended Topsoil is ideal for use when planting vegetables, sod lawns, fruit trees and flowers.

Amended Topsoil is also designed for planting trees, making berms, or behind retaining walls.

Formerly, 50-50 Soil Blend

General Use Instructions:

Revitalize your garden beds with Organic Harvest’s Amended Topsoil blend! This versatile blend is ideal for in-ground applications. To use, simply remove the existing soil to your desired depth. Next, fill the excavated area with Organic Harvest’s Amended Topsoil and you’re ready to plant!

Expect the blend to settle slightly over time so fill the area a bit higher than planned. Enjoy the benefits of this pre-mixed solution – its perfect balance make it ideal for various plants, including vegetables, sod lawns, fruit trees, and flowers.

Jeff the Organic Fruit Farmer 

Jeff wanted to expand his orchard and decided to apply Agromin’s Organic Harvest Amended Topsoil to increase yields. He incorporated the Amended Topsoil into his orchard’s soil preparation process since it is fast-draining and recommended for use around newly planted fruit trees.

Jeff’s trees began to grow and flourish. The soil’s enhanced drainage and nutrient balance contributed to stronger root development. Jeff has since expanded his use of Agromin’s Organic Harvest Amended Topsoil to other areas of his farm, including his vegetable crops.

Amended Topsoil


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