Raised Bed Mix

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Plant This Soil-Less Medium Directly

Agromin’s Organic Harvest Raised Bed Mix is a uniform, professionally blended, soil-less medium for landscapers and homeowners alike. It is blended to eliminate the need for mixing.

Raised Bed Mix is added directly into planter boxes, outdoor containers and raised beds. The mix is fast draining for optimum growth and can be used for all acid-loving plants because of its peat moss content.

Ingredients include compost, peat moss, sand, pumice, gypsum.

Formerly, Container Blend

General Use Instructions:

To start, fill your raised bed, pot, or container with Organic Harvest’s Raised Bed Mix. That’s it! You’re now ready to plant. To ensure your plants have enough growing medium after settling, fill the container slightly higher than your desired final level as over time the soil will settle by about 20%.

This all-in-one mix is specially formulated with nutrients and boasts a balanced pH, eliminating the need for additional amendments. Simply fill, plant, and watch your plants thrive!

Diane the Retired Home Gardener  

Since retiring, Diane has found joy in transforming her yard into a haven of native plants and edibles. She discovered Agromin’s Organic Harvest Raised Bed Mix, a soil-less medium that has proven to be a great addition to her gardening toolkit.   

She filled her planter boxes and outdoor containers with Organic Harvest Raised Bed Mix without needing to mix it with existing soil. Her azaleas, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons grew and bloomed beautifully.  

Diane had the same positive results with her raised bed vegetable garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and leafy greens. Her grandchildren, who are budding gardeners, love using Agromin’s Organic Harvest Raised Bed Mix to create miniature gardens. 

Raised Bed Mix


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