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Encourages Vigorous Indoor & Outdoor Plant Growth

Agromin’s Organic Harvest Potting Soil is a unique blend of special ingredients designed for use in pots, containers and raised beds. Mixed to professional standards, our Potting Soil is ideal for indoor and outdoor plants. It is formulated to be used straight without additives. It is also pH-balanced to encourage strong plant growth. Acid-loving plants thrive in our organic Potting Soil because of its peat moss content.

Ingredients include peat moss, compost, pumice, ground fir bark, sand, calcium carbonite lime, gypsum.

Formerly, Premium Blend

General Use Instructions:

To start, fill your raised bed, pot, or container with Organic Harvest’s Potting Soil. That’s it! You’re ready to plant. To ensure your plants have enough growing medium after settling, fill the container slightly higher than your desired final level. Over time, the soil will settle by about 20%. This all-in-one mix is specially formulated with nutrients and boasts a balanced pH, eliminating the need for additional amendments. Simply fill, plant, and watch your plants thrive!

Janet the Home Gardener 

Janet is an experienced home gardener. She’s always looking for ways to enhance her garden. She incorporated Agromin’s Organic Harvest Potting Soil into her gardening routine as she planted flowers and vegetables.  

Janet likes the Potting Soil’s pH-balanced composition, which caters to the specific needs of acid-loving plants such as her azaleas and camellias. Soon after using the product, plant colors intensified and their overall health improved. She attributes this success to Agromin’s Organic Harvest Potting Soil’s ability to provide essential nutrients and maintain proper soil conditions.

Potting Soil


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