All Purpose Planting Mix

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Fortifies and Loosens Hard Clay Soil

Agromin’s Organic Harvest All Purpose Planting Mix is a soil amendment specifically designed for clay soils, however, it can be used in any planting application. It helps keep heavy clay soils loose and workable by adding in a mixture of composted organic matter. It is long-lasting, helps establish plants and improves soil structure.

All Purpose Planting Mix is ideal when planting lawns, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and ground cover.

Formerly, Agromend

General Use Instructions:

Get your planting area ready for success! Start by thoroughly clearing away any weeds and debris. Next, for optimal results, thoroughly mix Organic Harvest’s All Purpose Planting Mix into your existing clay soil, aiming for a ratio of 30%-40% amendment to 60%-70% native soil.

Once your soil is amended, you’re ready to plant! To maintain effectiveness, replenish annually or as needed.

This material is intended to be tilled or mixed with native soil or non-compost materials. Please do not plant directly into this mix.

Mark the Landscape Architect  

Mark worked on a new landscaping project that involved planting trees, shrubs, and ground cover in clay-heavy soil. He was looking for a soil amendment that would help keep the soil loose and workable, add organic matter, and improve soil structure. He heard good things about Agromin’s Organic Harvest All Purpose Planting Mix and decided to give it a try.  

Mark was pleased with the results. The soil is now much easier to work with, and the plants are thriving. He is also happy that the mix is long-lasting so he will not have to reapply it for several years.  

All Purpose Planting Mix


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