Compost 100™

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The Recycled “Clean Green” Soil Amendment

Agromin’s Organic Harvest OMRI Listed Compost 100 is approved for use in certified organic production and food processing under the USDA National Organic Program.

Compost 100 encourages healthy plant growth by enriching the soil with natural nutrients and minerals while helping reduce pests and diseases, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It contains no animal waste or biosolids. It is made from 100 percent “clean green” recycled plant materials.

General Use Instructions:

Get your planting area ready for success by using our OMRI-certified Compost 100. Start by thoroughly clearing away any weeds and debris. Next, for optimal results, thoroughly mix Organic Harvest’s Compost 100 into your existing sandy loam soil, aiming for a ratio of 30%-40% amendment to 60%-70% native soil. Once your soil is amended, you’re ready to plant! To maintain effectiveness, replenish annually or as needed.

View product sheet for preparations for sod, seed bed, and backfilling trees.

This material is intended to be tilled or mixed with native soil or non-compost materials. Please do not plant directly into Compost 100.

Astrid the Small Organic Farmer  

Astrid is an organic farmer who has been struggling with her soil’s declining health and productivity. She has tried several methods to improve soil fertility, but the results have been inconsistent.

Determined to find a sustainable and effective solution, she decided to try Agromin’s Organic Harvest OMRI Listed Compost 100. Over time, soil texture improved, water retention increased, and earthworms became more abundant, all pointing to healthier soil.

Her crops responded positively with stronger growth and increased yields.  Astrid found that Agromin’s Organic Harvest Compost 100 aligns with her practice of sustainability and regenerative agriculture.

Compost 100™


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