Native Soil Mix

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Condition Native Soil with Our Rich, Organic Blend

Agromin’s Organic Harvest Native Soil Mix is a proprietary blend of rich organic content and soil conditioner that can be used in all types of soil: sandy, clay or sandy loam.

Professional landscapers prefer Native Soil Mix because it works into native soils with relative ease and economy.

Formerly, Economix

General Use Instructions:

Get your planting area ready for success!

Start by thoroughly clearing away any weeds and debris. Next, for optimal results, thoroughly mix Organic Harvest’s Native Soil Mix into your existing clay or sandy loam soil, aiming for a ratio of 30%-40% amendment to 60%-70% native soil. The best results are achieved when mixing with native soils to a depth of at least 8″ before planting. Once your soil is amended, you’re ready to plant! To maintain effectiveness, replenish annually or as needed.

This material is intended to be tilled or mixed with native soil or non-compost materials. Please do not plant directly into Native Soil Mix.

Max the Landscaping Veteran 

Max, affectionately known as “The Maestro” by his clients, is a 48-year-old landscaping veteran with over 25 years of experience. His company is a local favorite known for its stunning landscape designs. Max prides himself on efficiency and getting the job done right – the first time. 

Max ordered several cubic yards of Agromin’s Organic Harvest Native Soil Mix and put it to the test. He saw how easily it mixed with sandy and clay soils, creating a workable and fertile base for planting.  

This allowed his team to focus on the creative aspects of the landscaping project. He was also happy with the positive environmental impact of using an organic product.  

Native Soil Mix


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