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Enhances All Types of Lawns

Agromin’s Organic Harvest Compost For Lawns is specially formulated for all types of turf. It uses a mixture of fine organic material and sand that works its way down to the root zone. It does not contain human or animal waste, making it safe for all recreational activities.

Besides residential use, Compost For Lawns works great on golf courses, sports fields and parks.

Formerly, Lawn Top Dressing, Top Dressing for Lawns

General Use Instructions:

Spread a consistent 1/4-inch layer evenly with a rake or spreader, then deeply water (4-6 inches) to settle the compost and activate.

For optimal results, apply Organic Harvest’s Compost for Lawns in early Spring or Fall when grass is actively growing, avoiding hot or freezing weather. Mow your lawn 1-2 days before at a normal height to allow for better compost penetration. Wait 3-5 days before mowing again to let the compost establish and enjoy a healthier, more resilient lawn with reduced watering needs!

Gustavo the Local Landscaper  

Gustavo, an experienced landscaper, was approached by homeowners who were looking for a solution that would revitalize their lawn.  

Gustavo recommended using Agromin’s Organic Harvest Compost For Lawns. Gustavo applied the compost for lawns and within a few weeks, there was a noticeable improvement in the homeowner’s lawn’s health and appearance. The grass is greener, thicker, and more resilient, making the lawn’s overall appearance greatly enhanced. 

Gustavo continues to use Compost For Lawns for his clients. It’s one of his most effective landscaping tools. 

Compost for Lawns


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